My Concept ...

Written by James L Migues.

So What do I have in mind ?

Well ... my general idea is very simple ... collect everything I can regarding Expats in Venezuela. That simple.

My mission with this site is to collect all the stories, photographs, memorabilia and whatever else I can get my hands on regarding Expats in Venezuela. Venezuela's history is a great one, we all know it. What I want is for you to help me reach my goal by contributing ... no matter how short or long of a story or stories you have ... I want them. So write your stories and/or scan those pictures and memorabilia and email me about being one of my contributors.

I'm interested in the early stages of the oil era, the first airlines, the first hotels, the first schools, first oil companies, etc ... What years ? ANY year is good. This is a time in history that must never be forgotten for it's the life that we all lived. A remembrance of a Venezuela that no longer exists ... So please help me reach my goal so we can preserve our stories. Naturally I will credit where the credit is due. If you want to help me by submitting stories, scans of memorabilia, photos, etc... or if you just have questions, just ask. Thank you.

James lived in Venezuela the following years: Anaco 1966-68 and Maracaibo 1968-2003

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