From this page you will be able to navigate to pages dedicated specifically to "cities" in Venezuela. The plan is I will be posting history, photos, points of interest and basic information on the major city's of Venezuela. If you want to help and have info and photos ... just contact me ... I welcome the help and feedback.

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1958 Movie poster for Maracaibo

Maracaibo ... “La Tierra del Sol Amada”

Maracaibo … hum … Maracaibo … isn’t that a movie with Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace and Micheal Landon filmed in 1958 ?

Where Wilde is oil man Vic Scott who arrived to Maracaibo to help put out a fire at an offshore well. If Scott fails, not only will he die in the blaze, but all of Maracaibo will likely be destroyed ? I bet 99% of you did not know there is such a film ? I have not seen it myself but I do want to check it out.

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