Ruth Robertson - Reporter, Explorer ...

Written by James L Migues.

My friends here is an article that Jorge M. González, an new contributor to Venezuela eXpats, submited to me this week. I have to admit that I have never heard of Ruth Robertson until Jorge sent me this article.

I am glad he did. Ruth was an important Expat that contribute much to Venezuela.This article explains who she was. A quick summary for those that can not read Spanish (this article is in Spanish, Sorry) ... she was a pioneering woman who was one of the first women to photograph professional baseball games, football games and even Democratic & Republican Conventions. To make the story short, after WWII she ended up in Venezuela (1946) where she explored Angel Falls and was the first to measure the height of Angel Falls ... 979 m (3212 ft) and was editor to the only english news paper in Venezuela The Daily Journal among other accomplishements.

Jorge co-write of this article along with Patricia Perez. This article was published in EL NATIONAL on Monday January 28, 2008. A nicely written and informative article. Enjoy ... Click on article below to enlarge so you can read it

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