Venezuela ... a gem ... a life ... an adventure ... an addiction ... our life ... our history ... our love ... our country ...

I think that pretty much summarizes how we feel about this wonderfull Latin American country. One that we all shared at one time or another throughout our lives. You could have lived there for 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, 20 years, a life time ... we are all linked together sharing the love for this country. Why ? Who knows ? It must be the magic of the land, the people, the food or is it the beer ? Regardless of the reason Venezuela is Venezuela and it will all ways be the Venezuela you lived in your heart ... no matter what the current political situation.

Unfortunatly as many of you know the current political situation is not that great ... for foreigners ... specially for Americans which is a shame. Whether the current government want to admit it or not ... Venezuelans built the country with the help and a major influence from foreigners. Together we made it the country it is today.

In this section ... of course ... it is all about Venezuela. I will include everything I can collect regarding the country.

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Gaitas Navideñas !

Well ... it's NAVIDAD !! which means it's time for GAITAS ZULIANAS ! If you lived in Venezuela and went through the christmas festivities you must have heard the gaitas. The defintion of a "gaitas" according to Wikipedia ...

"The Gaita is the name of a Venezuelan folk music from Maracaibo, Zulia state. According to Joan Corominas, it may come from gaits, the Gothic word for "goat", the skin generally used for the membrane of the furro.

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The Shield - Coat of Arms

The “Escudo” … the Coat of Arms … a country’s symbol … the icon … civilization throughout history has always put a strong emphasis on the “shield” specially during battle. It’s the symbol of what your “side” stands for.

Venezuela is no exception. What is the history of Venezuela’s Coat of Arms ? I searched the web to seek the answer and what I found was interesting and funny at the same time. As I do not consider myself a writer I am taking direct paragraphs from different sources … yes plagiarizing … but I will give credit where the credit is due.

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Oil Concessions Map 1933

Hey everyone … just wanted to share this nice map I bought a few weeks ago. It’s printed on paper on cloth and hand colored.

This map is dated 1933. It shows the relative locations of the Oil Concessions that where held by the principal oil companies in Venezuela as of September 1933.

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Venezuelan Parents Love a Famous Name ...

As university students clashed with the police in this country last May, attention focused not just on their demands to hold elections without government meddling but also on the names of the two leaders organizing the protests: Nixon Moreno and Stalin González.

Many Venezuelans had a good laugh at the names and went on with their business. What’s so odd, after all, about the occasional Nixon or Stalin in a nation where bestowing bizarre names on newborns has become a whimsically colorful tradition?

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