Oil Concessions Map 1933

Hey everyone … just wanted to share this nice map I bought a few weeks ago. It’s printed on paper on cloth and hand colored.

This map is dated 1933. It shows the relative locations of the Oil Concessions that where held by the principal oil companies in Venezuela as of September 1933.

Here is the color key to which company held which concession:

Green: Royal Dutch-Shell
Yellow: Standard Oil Company (NJ)
Blue: Gulf Oil Corporation
Red: Pantepec Oil Company of Venezuela – 100%
Red with Black Stripes: Pantepec Oil Company of Venezuela (50%) and Texas Company (50%)
Light Brown: American Maracaibo Company
Pink: Caracas Petroleum Corporation
White: Consolidated Oil Corporation

Hope you like it.

I will have a higher resoluion map soon when i can take a better picture.

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